A Few Things I Picked Up From Lush

A Few Things I Picked Up From Lush
My life took somewhat of a crazy turn recently and let's just say that the stress and anxiety have been creeping on me. It's very easy for me to get consumed by my thoughts, and that's why I always try to be proactive and do something before my anxiety becomes worse. This past week I decided that I wanted some retail therapy and boy did it feel amazing to just go to the mall for hours. One of the stores that really called my name that day was Lush, which is kind of strange for me since I'm not really a Lush-aholic. The Lush scent just lured me in and then I went a little crazy trying out and sniffing almost everything! I swear that all the products in the store sounded really appealing to me that day and I ended up buying some cool and some unusual things that I want to share with you.

A Few Things I Picked Up From Lush
Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb, $6.45
By now everyone and their grandma has heard about the Lush bath bombs and Dragon's Egg is one of their more well-known bath bombs. I've actually tried this before and LOOOOOOVED it, so I needed it again in my life. If you're a fan of very invigorating citrus scents, then you're going to love this bath bomb. This bath bomb contains lemon oil, bergamot oil, and gardenia extract. Plus this bath bomb turns your water into a creamsicle paradise!

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub, $9.95
It's summer so exfoliating is a must, especially if your skin hates the dry heat like mine does. I've been trying to use the scrub that I received in my Nourish Beauty Box, but it's just way too messy so I wanted to try something else. By now you guys know how much I love floral scented items, so when I saw this scrub with actual dried up flowers and had to pick it up. The scrub contains sea salt, illipe butter, and cupuaçu butter. It also contains a blend of jasmine, orange, and mimosas which smells so delicious. Hopefully this scrub will be a lot better than what I currently have in my shower.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, $33.95
I've tried a drugstore body conditioner and it really didn't impress me so much, so I'm really hoping that this will be a lot better. I honestly wasn't aware that this product is a whopping $33.95 for a pot, which is kind of pricey if you ask me. But I'm glad that I'll be able to try it out to see if it's worth the money. This is a rose scented body conditioner that contains argan oil and cocoa butter. I'm really hoping this will be very moisturizing and that I'll fall in love with this, although my wallet is really going to hate me if that happens.

The Greeench Deodorant Powder, $7.95
I think you all know about my love for aluminum-free deodorants by now and I've tried a lot of different brands and formats, but I had never seen a deodorant powder. I'll be honest with you, I picked this up because it's just so strange and unique. I definitely don't need any more deodorants in my life but I couldn't pass up on this deodorant powder! This deodorant is made with talc and sodium bicarbonate to keep the armpit area nice and dry. And it also contains tea tree, rosemary, and thyme to deodorize and provide a fresh scent. I've already used this twice since purchasing it and it seems to be working just fine for me. It's a little messy, but so far I'm digging it.

Chou Chou... I Love You Toothy Tab, $4.95
Why do I always get suckered in by rose scented items? I just saw that this had rose and I picked it up, no shame. I also got it because the concept of a toothpaste in a tab sounded very intriguing and weird. I gave this a shot last night and it was interesting, to say the least. I still don't know how I feel about a rose flavored toothpaste, but it did leave my mouth feeling quite clean. By the way, chou chou is this very cutesy French pet name that couples give each other and that's definitely not my jam. If there's one thing you should know about me- I don't do cutesy.

And that's it for my little Lush haul! What are some of your favorite Lush products? Let me know in the comments below.

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