Experimenting with DIY Nail Stickers

Experimenting with DIY Nail Stickers
Let me start off this post by saying that I LOVE nail art. It's just so much fun! What I don't love is spending hours doing nail art and having one hand look like shit. Anyone feel me? My left hand always looks amazing, while my right hand looks like I let a three year old doodle on my hand. Another thing I really dislike about nail art is the clean up. Oh, the clean up! Nothing is worse than having nail polish all around your cuticles and then trying to remove it by using a thin brush and acetone. Because of that I decided to give DIY nail stickers a shot and I quickly learned that this is definitely the way to make nail art much more noob friendly.

Experimenting with DIY Nail Stickers
- Freehanding is ridiculously simple! It literally feels like painting or drawing on a piece of paper.
- You can get as creative (or minimal) as you like.
- If you have wide fingernails and normally can't find nail stickers to fit your nails, then you can cut out the stickers to fit your nails. I actually made some for my mom who has really wide nails and she loved them!
- You can create beautiful marble designs without the mess of water marbling.
- No special tools are needed! All you basically need is a plastic sandwich bag (or any other resealable bag), nail polish, and a nail brush or toothpick to create your designs.
Experimenting with DIY Nail Stickers
- You will be using up nail polishes much quicker, especially if you use a base color like I did in this case. I applied two coats of white nail polish on a small plastic sandwich bag and I managed to finish up the last half of my bottle really quickly. I did make about 3 sets of nail stickers though (enough for around 30 nails).
- Clean up is still quite annoying, especially if you're bad at cutting the sticker precisely. I think I will try to solve this problem by tracing my nails, so I can cut the sticker up to fit my nail beds exactly.
- Depending on the design, the process of creating nail art might still be very time consuming BUT at least you're guaranteed that all your nails will look amazing.

So that was what I learned from my first time trying out DIY nail stickers. Would you like me to create a quick tutorial about the process? Let me know in the comments below.

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