January 2017 Favorites

January 2017 Favorites
This year I'll be changing the format of a few of my videos in order to make them much more helpful for my blog readers and YouTube subscribers. The first video series that I'm going to be tweaking are my monthly favorites videos, which in the past have been extremely rambly and oversaturated with products. I also realised that I would mention just a few things about each product for times' sake, but not really explain how I use it and what the product is supposed to do. The monthly favorites videos that you'll be seeing this year will only feature five products, so you'll only be hearing about the things that really made a big impression on me. Limiting myself to talk about five products will allow me to give better feedback on each product, instead of trying to rush through a long list of products. This change will hopefully make these videos a lot more helpful and enjoyable to watch.

I hope you guys enjoy hearing about my top five favorite products in the month of January! Let me know if you liked this version of my monthly favorites better than what I have previously done.
January 2017 Favorites
January 2017 Favorites
Products Mentioned
Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint, $26
bareMinerals GEN NUDE Radiant Lipstick in Panko, $20
Pixi by Petra Strobe & Sculpt Brush, $14
Michael's Hair Ties (Similar)
Kiehl's Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque, $32
Devendra Banhart- Fig In Leather
Devendra Banhart- Mi Negrita
Devendra Banhart- Shabop Shalom

What were some of your favorites products from January? Let me know in the comments below.

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