Top 10 Small Business Saturday Picks

I hope that you guys didn't blow all your money on Black Friday because now it's time to go support the small guys online, as well as in your communities. Having previously worked for a local consignment shop that housed goods from various small businesses in San Diego, I quickly developed a real passion for Small Business Saturday and supporting people with big dreams. In this post I'm going to be sharing a few of my favorite online shops that you can support on Small Business Saturdays. I've included a few shops where you can find really cool pins, some stuff for my fellow Latinx homies, and places where you can get unique Christmas gifts.

Category: Clothing, accessories, and pins
Business Based In: Leicester, UK
Sale: 20% everything
Coupons: CHEERS
Fun Fact: I bought my glitzy David Bowie patch that I showed on Instagram from here
Category: Jewelry, clothing, face/body care, and accessories
Business Based In: San Francisco, California
Sale: 30% off ALL clothing, jewelry, footwear, and accessories (including sale items)
Coupons: BF30
Fun Fact: This retail and online shop was started by the hilarious ChelseaWears from YouTube
Category: Handmade jewelry
Business Based In: London, England
Sale: No sale
Coupons: No codes
Fun Fact: This rock'n'roll jewelry brand is beloved by Kat Von D, Depeche Mode, Billy Idol, and The Rolling Stones to name a few
Category: Pins, clothing, and accessories
Business Based In: Los Angeles, California
Sale: No sale
Coupons: No codes
Fun Fact: The show was created by Asian-American Elle Chen. The shop features a lot of items for feminists and queer women.
Category: Candles, diffusers, and sprays
Business Based In: Los Angeles, California
Sale: No sales
Shipping: $5 USPS Priority Flat Rate
Coupons: No codes
Fun Fact: P.F. Candle Co started out as a small Etsy shop and has quickly expanded into a widely successful candle company. Their candles can also be found in Urban Outfitters, Madewell, and select Target stores. All their candles are still made and hand poured in Los Angeles!
Category: Art and accessories
Business Based In: San Diego, California
Sale: No sale
Coupons: No codes
Fun Fact: I was introduced to Mexicons when I worked at Simply Local and have met the couple who started the business. They can make custom portraits of yourself, family members, and pets in their signature style.
Category: Art and accessories
Business Based In: San Antonio, Texas
Sale: No sale
Coupons: Sign up for their newsletter
Fun Fact: I met Cristina at the Well All Grow summit last year and clicked with her immediately. At the time she was still struggling to convince her Mexican family that starting her small business could be a career option and since then homegirl has been featured on various Buzzfeed articles and has gained a lot of support in the Latinx community.

Category: Makeup
Business Based In: Los Angeles, California
Sale: No sale
Coupons: No code
Fun Fact: Reina Rebelde means "rebel queen" in Spanish. This brand is for bad ass Latinas or anyone who identifies as an unapologetic and powerful person.
Category: Home items, jewelry, kids clothing, paper good, and food
Business Based In: San Diego, California
Sale: None
Shipping: Free Shipping on Orders Over $150
Coupons: None
Fun Fact: This store features a lot of my favorite companies like Love Tatum, Rifle Paper Co., and even P.F. Candle Co.
Stay Home Club (SHOP HERE)
Category: Clothing, accessories, prints
Business Based In: Montreal, Canada
Sale: 20-25% off on past collections
Shipping: Free US Shipping on orders over $150 and free worldwide shipping on orders over $200
Coupons: No code necessary
Fun Fact: My favorite shirt with the girl hanging out with her dogs comes from this shop! It's perfect for any introvert and there's a version with cats too.

To find small business in your area visit the American Express Shop Small website. Go out and support your local businesses, or do it from the comfort of your own home.

If you have any other Small Business Saturday deals or shop recommendations, please leave them in the comments below.

Happy shopping!

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