If you know me, then you know how honest and blunt I am. If I don't like something, I won't sugar coat it. That being said all opinions and thoughts on anything and everything featured on this blog are entirely my own. I also own all of the pictures on this blog, so if you would like to feature a picture you will have to get in contact with me before you do so and provide proper credit.

The have ads shown on my blog are generated by Google AdSense and RewardStyle. If you click on any of those ads or widgets and make a purchase, I will get a very small commission for your purchase. This does not add any extra costs to you but it helps me fund the blog. You will also see affiliate links that I generate through Skimlinks in my blog posts, and the same thing goes for that.

If I do feature items and/or samples that were given to me for free, I will always mark them with an asterisk* both on the blog and also in my videos. There will also be a disclosure at the end of the blog post indicating whether the blog post has items that were sent to me, or if I'm being compensated for a specific blog post. All sponsored posts, PR samples, and gifts will be clearly labeled because I want to be as open as possible to my readers. I do not want to sacrifice the validity and integrity of my blog for monetary compensation.

Whether a product was given to me for free or if I paid for it, they will be judged under the same microscope. I know how annoying it is to pay a good amount of money on something that someone recommended, and once you try it the product was completely underwhelming. I promise that I will always be honest with my readers because I really wouldn't want to encourage anyone to buy bad products. I don't want your wallet to become the next victim of a bad purchase.

Long story short, I will always be honest with you. Whether I'm reviewing something here, on YouTube, or just casually mentioning it on Twitter or Instagram. I will never mention anything that I wouldn't personally use or spend money on, even if it could bring some money into this broke graduate's bank account.

Blogging Terms
Affiliate links- Links on the blog linking you to a specific website or store. If you click through and purchase something, I will get a very small percentage of the amount you spent. This doesn't add any charges to you whatsoever and in turn you would be helping to finance the blog. Affiliate links are generated by myself through my Skimlinks account.
Asterisk*- Products were sent as a gift or PR sample. Most of the time you'll see an asterisk in tutorials, outfits, or Top 5 posts when I keep using or mentioning a product that I was sent.
Blogger Collaboration- When I collaborate with other bloggers on a blog post or video. Collaborations will always be done with people that I genuinely admire and respect their work.
Brand Collaboration- Sometimes I don't get sent a product or get paid for my work, but I personally love building relationships with brands and companies. Collaborations are when I work hand in hand with a company to come up with a fun post in a form of a Polyvore set or something else.
Rafflecopter- A widget that makes running a giveaway so much easier for bloggers. It organizes all the entries, chooses a winner randomly, and gives access for the blogger to contact the winner directly via email.
Sponsored giveaway- When a company reaches out to me to host a giveaway. If a giveaway is sponsored then I have to comply to their rules, which sometimes means that it won't be an international giveaway.
Sponsored posts- I either applied for a campaign or was contacted by the company to write an original post for monetary compensation. Sponsored posts usually have a specific goal of showcasing the latest product or campaign, but they're usually flexible enough for me to add my unique spin to it. I will only be doing sponsored work when it correlates with my blog and if it's with a brand that I use/respect.